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What is a Special Constable?
Specials come from all walks of life and volunteer their spare time for a minimum of 16 hours a month. They are highly trained and play an essential role in preventing, reducing and tackling crime and keeping the communities of Wiltshire safe.
Thank you for your interest in becoming a Special Constable with Wiltshire Police. It is a unique opportunity with the chance to gain new skills and experience, whilst contributing to you own community. Specials are valued members of the Wiltshire Police family and play a key role in preventing crime as part of our Community Policing Teams. Assistant Chief Constable Gavin Williams
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Volunteer as a special constable
Community Policing Team
Community Policing is a new policing model which is designed to bring together all the different roles, such as police constable (PCs), police community support officers (PCSO), local crime investigators (LCI), community co-ordinators, 999 and 101 call-takers, and specials, together into a "one team" approach. As a special constable you will be briefed as part of this team and will work alongside our officers and civilian staff to help prevent, reduce and solve crime and anti-social behaviour.
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