Stuart Parker

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Stuart Parker

Age 39

"The birth of my second child drove me to apply and I became a special constable in 2009. I wanted to give something back to the community I lived in, making it a safer place for my children to grow up in.

Training was varied and required a significant commitment, however in return I received the highest level of training across many areas of policing. Throughout my training I had the full support of regular officers along with the specials Sergeant and Inspector.

Since 2009, I have worked part time as a CCTV operator based within a police station. It allows me to juggle my childcare responsibilities, whilst my wife works full time, and my role as a special.

stuart_parkerI have welcomed the development opportunities that have come with the role of a special, progressed through the ranks and have recently taken up the position of Inspector.

My role as a special has helped significantly in my paid job, bringing the policing skills I have gained to the role of a CCTV operator. It's been a huge assistance to the officers working from the station I am based in. My observational skills that have been developed as a special have enabled me to identify potential situations before they arise, being able to act promptly and work with the regular officers to diffuse them.

Even when not on duty, I am never really off duty. Recently I intervened in a domestic assault situation close to my home, resulting in the offender being charged and the victim protected from further harm. I was recognised for my bravery and awarded the Chief Commanders Commendation, enjoying an invite to the awards ceremony with my family.

I would recommend anyone wanting to make a difference to their community and to learn new skills to find out more about joining the Special Constabulary. People from all walks of life can add value to Wiltshire Police.