Ian Evans

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Ian Evans

Age 43

I re-joined Wiltshire Police as a special constable in 2013, having started with Devon and Cornwall Police in 1995 before transferring to Wiltshire in 1998 for a further four years.

Over the years I have seen and dealt with some serious and sometimes difficult situations, which the general public wouldn't normally see. At 22 years of age I was arresting drink drivers and attending road traffic collisions, some of which involved fatalities. I had to learn quickly and mature fast.

As my career in the HGV transport sector progressed, I took a break from policing. My experience in policing had given me great life skills, taught me to deal with difficult, stressful situations and developed my teamwork.

My line manager noticed my skills, professionalism and ability to deal with situations and I was offered a promotion.

Settled into a long-term career I still had the constant craving to be part of the police and I decided to re-join. My employer promoted volunteer work, which allowed me the time to commit to starting my extensive training program to fulfil the role once again.

ian_evansI've really noticed the change in the Special Constabulary, a great deal of investment and time has been provided by Wiltshire Police to train and retain specials - when I first joined, all you got was a wooden baton.

Wiltshire Police recognised the skill set I have from my main employment. They quickly provided support and invested in my training to allow me to gain more experience in traffic. I had a two year attachment to the Roads Policing Unit, completed my fast roads motorway training and they invested in further training for me to complete response driver training.

As a special I provide a valuable service to the local community, which can be very rewarding when you can genuinely help someone when they believe their world is falling apart.

I have been recognised for my actions in the arrest of suspects during a public disorder situation, whilst communicating for urgent assistance and assisting an injured officer who fell to the ground during the first arrest.

I strongly believe I have advanced in both my role as a special and in transport management because the two have similar elements that work side by side. Without the support of my employer and Wiltshire Police this would not be possible.