Stacey Chant

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Stacey Chant

Age 22

I have always aspired to be in the police; I love interacting and helping people and wanted to give back to my community. I thought the best way to do this was to become a Special. I will look to become a regular officer at some point in the future so being a special gives me all the experience and knowledge I need for my future career.

I enjoy getting to meet so many different people and being able to help people when they need it the most. I also work within a fantastic team, with great support and a lot of laughter!

In my day job I meet many different people and need to have great communication skills to succeed in keeping everyone happy, the same goes for my role as a special.

As a special it is extremely important to be able to talk to people; it makes the public more likely to interact with the police and builds great relationships.

I get great satisfaction from being able to help people. Knowing that I have been able to help someone is a great benefit and something that you can only get with a handful of roles, but being a special is definitely one of them. Being able to work alongside a variety of different people allows me to take the skills I learn as a special and insert them into my day job.

stacey_chantMy biggest achievement as a special would be my first arrest. I joined the role to be able to help people but as we all know this part of the role is inevitable. I was extremely nervous but had the support of my colleagues and managed to go through to whole process giving me great confidence in myself.

The main advice I would give someone considering the role is to never give up. It took me a number of attempts throughout the recruitment process but if you don't succeed the first time, look back on what you did, think about how you can do it better and it will give you more confidence the next time you try.

My friends and family are extremely proud of me for becoming a special. They all know how much I wanted to be in the police service and after years of trying all the hard work paid off.

It is extremely hard sometimes when you have a full time job as well, but having their support really makes all the difference!