Jas Singh

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Jas Singh

Age 20

jas_singhThere were many reasons I applied to be a Special Constable, one of which was that I wanted to give back to a place that I have grown up in and secondly, I wanted to represent the local Sikh community and hopefully inspire others to join one day.

I enjoy all the components of the role, it's one that brings many rewarding challenges and is very different to my weekdays spent in university lectures.

I believe that any interaction I have with members of the public is a chance to make a difference within their lives. It's aspect that I enjoy about this role.

As we live in a multi-cultural society, one of the main skills I bring to the role would be the ability to speak different languages such as Punjabi and Hindi.

Being a Special is definitely different to my normal day to day life. My family and friends have a sense of pride knowing what I do for the local community. I felt really proud when I was attested as a special knowing those months of all the work had finally paid off and having my family present to witness the ceremony.

As a Special you will come across situations which you may not have experienced before. Prepare to be stretched, tested and develop new skills. Above all it's the most rewarding experience you can have.