David Evans

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David Evans

Age 32

david_evansBefore I began my current job as a Projects Training Specialist for the University of Oxford, I worked as an as an Emergency Call Handler and Crime Recorder for the Police Force.

I always had desires to join up as a full time police officer but at the time there was a recruitment freeze, so I decided to find something that would quench my thirst in the meantime.

One of the other employees I worked alongside was already a Special for Wiltshire Police and said lots of really great things about it. I downloaded the application force and submitted it at the end of the week. The rest as they say is history!

I started to develop in my role and began gaining other qualifications. I had found a satisfactory balance between the day job and being a special. Because it was working really well I decided to stay as a Special and progress in my day job at the same time. Perfect combination!

I've gained so much from being in the Special Constabulary. It's developed my confidence and broadened my mind about so many different aspects of policing.

It's great being part of a team of volunteers and seeing new faces every month. It's also good working alongside our regular colleagues who are happy to work with us and help us develop.

The job itself is challenging and you will never have two shifts that are the same. The training is difficult and there is a lot of personal responsibility to keep your own knowledge and skills up to date, but the support network is really good.

Even with the day job and being a Special I still find time to spend with my wife Claire and two young sons, and my other hobby of managing a men's football team.