What does a special constable do?
Why do people become special constables?
Are Specials different from PCSOs (Police Community Support Officers)?
Are there different types of Specials?
Is there minimum age limit?
What is the age limit?
Are there any height restrictions?
Are there any residency restrictions?
Do I have to pay for a uniform and equipment?
What are the benefits?
Do I need formal qualifications?
Do I need to be able to drive?
How many hours will I have to volunteer?
Do Special Constables have to sign up for a minimum term?
I am or have been a member of BNP or similar organisation. Is that automatically a bar to appointment?
I have a tattoo - is that a problem?
I have health issues - is this a problem?
If I become a special constable will it help me get into the regular police?
In terms of employment history, how far do I have to go back?
Is anyone excluded from applying?
What are the Nationality rules?
What if I am in debt?
What if I have a criminal record?
Do Special Constables get paid?
Where in the county will I be based?
Do I get to choose when I work?