Welcome from ACC Gavin Williams

Assistant Chief Constable Gavin Williams

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Special Constable with Wiltshire Police. It is a unique opportunity with the chance to gain new skills and experience, whilst contributing to you own community.

Specials are valued members of the Wiltshire Police family and play a key role in preventing crime as part of our Community Policing Teams.

Specials bring with them extensive skills and experience from business and industry, and along with local knowledge add significant value to the work we do across Wiltshire and Swindon. I recognise that becoming a Special Constable is a big commitment, but one I hope you will find out is very rewarding.

The role brings with it opportunities to build on your skills and qualifications with an excellent training and development programme along with life experiences that are difficult to find in other volunteering roles. As a
Special you will meet new people from across the Force, as well from across the community.

Whether you hope to gain new skills, improve your confidence or give back to your local community, volunteering as a Special Constable can make a difference. You can make a difference.

I hope this document will give you further insight into the role of the Special Constable, and the journey ahead should you decide to take on this challenge.