Everyone remembers their first day in the job, it is no different as a volunteer special constable

Daniel Lewis first day

Everyone remembers their first day in the job, it is no different as a volunteer special constable.

Special Constable Daniel Lewis, completed his training in November 2018 and tells us about his first day as a special constable on Accompanied Patrol.

"The third job on my first day was an road traffic collision (RTC). I was crewed with a colleague who was blue light response trained so I knew it was likely that we would be called to an immediate response sooner or later. As I was fresh out of phase one training my knowledge of traffic was limited so I was asking lots of questions as we blue lighted it to scene. The nerves set in as we had been told over radio it was a potential four car RTC along a fast road. I didn't know what to expect.

"The officer I was with reassured me and told me that if we were first on scene to immediately check for any injuries. Time to put that first aid training into practice.

"As we approached the scene I could see blue lights in the distance, and was pleased to see that the Fire and Rescue Service were already on scene. On arrival we found that it was a two vehicle collision with minimal injuries. We quickly found the driver of one of the vehicles to find out from their perspective of what happened.

"I was excited to put my training into practice and work closely with other emergency services including Fire, Ambulance and Air Ambulance Paramedics. To be part of a team offering support to those members of the public involved was brilliant, and the seamless communication between all the services was incredible to see. The work from each emergency service allowed us to clear the road fairly quickly.

"For me this is the job that truly made me feel like a special constable. It allowed me to react accordingly and test my skills to be able to approach a situation like this for the first time in a calm manner.

"The whole day gave me a better understanding of what it is to be a Special and how even in a day every job you go to is different.

"The best part of the day was my team. They truly made me feel welcome, like I was just another officer within their team, rather than a volunteer special constable."