A Special way to spend 72,804 hours


Special constables in Wiltshire gave an impressive total of 72,804 hours of service to protect our communities in 2017.

In January 2017 we introduced a new way of recording the number of hours each Special Constable volunteered. We have 217 special constables who work within our community policing teams.

Special Superintendent Scott Bateman said: "Last year we introduced new software called DutySheet to allow us to more accurately record the voluntary hours each Special Constable gives to Wiltshire Police and the community.

"Each of these hours is time our special constables give up from spending on hobbies or with their families.

"Their dedication to training and volunteering is outstanding.

"I would like to thank all those officers who have contributed to the amazing number of hours and wish them all the best for 2018"

Assistant Chief Constable Kier Pritchard said "Specials play a key role in policing here in Wiltshire. As volunteers they add value to the police force and bring with them skills and experience from other roles.

"Being a Special is a huge commitment. Right from day one special constables go through an intensive training programme which can take up to a year, but in 12 weeks they are street safe and join other special constables and officers out on patrol.

"Over the last year the special constables have given 72,804 hours or 3033 days which has a huge impact on policing in Wiltshire.

 "As a Force we are very lucky to work with such devoted volunteers, and on behalf of Wiltshire Police and the community I would like to thank them for all the time and support they have given in 2017."

For more information about becoming a special constable with us go to the Wiltshire Police Special Constabulary website.